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Ideal for * Overweight/Obese patients * Fatty Liver * Hereditary Dyslipidemia * Hypertension/High Blood pressure patients * Sedentary lifestyle * PCOD

Are you having fatty liver or some digestive issue or your regular blood work has your Lipid profile deranged? Are you having a high blood pressure issue ? Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle has created a situation of obesity in people. Dyslipidemia is a common lifestyle issue these days which has silent symptoms , if left untreated it can cause plaque buildup in your arteries and lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Ayurveda creates a holistic approach focusing on dietary and lifestyle changes. We will help you create a healthy lifestyle with the help of suitable Ayurvedic and modern nutritive diets tailored specially for you. We focus on your digestive fire( Agni),

when Agni is weakened it causes imbalance in body energies(Dhatus) and leads to high cholesterol levels in the blood. We will help you manage your weight in a natural way.


  • The amount of time we spend and truly being there for you as a part of family
  • A well connected team of qualified & experienced dietitians & nutritionists
  • We educate you about the food, and how small changes can result in long-term health benefits
  • Programs where you don’t feel like being on a ‘diet’
  • Focus on nutrition as a sustainable lifestyle change, not just calorie counting!
  • Non-restrictive diet & lifestyle plans
  • Yoga and meditation to aid weight loss