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Ideal for losing extra kilos, getting in shape, skin glow and hair care.

If you’re wishing to lose that extra fat from your tummy or you want a charming glow and shine on your face for the D-day then this program is best for you.
This program is designed to help you lose a few pounds and improve the texture of your hair and skin.
Apart from this it’s going to help you feel more positive and relaxed to beat those pre-wedding blues.


  • The amount of time we spend and truly being there for you as a part of family
  • A well connected team of qualified & experienced dietitians & nutritionists
  • We educate you about the food, and how small changes can result in long-term health benefits
  • Programs where you don’t feel like being on a ‘diet’
  • Focus on nutrition as a sustainable lifestyle change, not just calorie counting!
  • Non-restrictive diet & lifestyle plans
  • Yoga and meditation to aid weight loss