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Ideal for 1. Digestive issues 2. Food intolerances 3. General Weakness 4. Muscle gain/Bodybuilding

Do you need to put on weight for joining a sports team or to build up muscles or are you losing weight and looking to lean to fit in your clothes? Then this plan is for you.

Due to digestive issues like Irritable bowel disease, constipation or digestive issues, people tend to look weak and start losing weight.
Stress is also a major factor for contributing to unintentional weight loss and causing various health issues like digestive trouble, hairfall, insomnia and metabolic disorders.

With the help of Ayurveda, we work upon strengthening the digestive system and making you gain muscle weight instead of fat gain. We don’t support excess use of weight gaining artificial proteins as it doesn’t suit every body type.

Program features:

  • Weight/Muscle gain
  • Improvement of digestion
  • Hair and skin improvement
  • Sleep management
  • Yoga and Meditation



  • The amount of time we spend and truly being there for you as a part of family
  • A well connected team of qualified & experienced dietitians & nutritionists
  • We educate you about the food, and how small changes can result in long-term health benefits
  • Programs where you don’t feel like being on a ‘diet’
  • Focus on nutrition as a sustainable lifestyle change, not just calorie counting!
  • Non-restrictive diet & lifestyle plans
  • Yoga and meditation to aid weight loss